Treadmill Walking & Running Workouts to Lose Belly Weight

For many beginners, the treadmill may seem more like a torture device than an effective piece of exercise equipment to get rid of stomach fat. Whatever you may believe, the treadmill was not created as your own personal nightmare. In fact, treadmill training an effective way of thinning the waistline without pulling any muscles or boring you to tears. It is a convenient way of doing a running workout in your own home or at the gym.

Treadmill Workout Routines to Burn Fat

The exercise training workouts listed below are written in a way that can be adapted to beginning, intermediate and advanced athletes. The terms used to describe intensity levels are: low, medium and high.
Lady Running on Treadmill

These are subjective terms that will mean different speeds to different fitness levels. A high speed for a beginning exerciser could be a low speed for a highly fit athlete.

No specific speed is right for every person, and no speed is wrong as long as it elicits the appropriate amount of stress on the exerciser.

Below are brief descriptions of low, medium and high resistance levels. Use these descriptions to find your correct level.

Some Treadmill Training Terms:

Low Intensity workout: easy to perform for a long time, breathing normally, able to hold a conversation
Medium Intensity workout: somewhat difficult to perform, breathing fast, able to speak in short sentences
High Intensity workout: at or near peak ability, breathing very hard, not able to speak in sentences

Below are three great treadmill workouts for weight loss and begin sculpting and building your lower body.

Again, each workout listed below is written in a way that can be adapted to beginning, intermediate and advanced athletes.

The Ladder (20 mins)

The Ladder provides a great workout for your quads, hamstrings, gluts and calves, basically all the large muscles of your legs.

  1. Start walking at an easy pace that you feel you can keep up for a long time, but not so slow that you are not expending any effort.
  2. Pay attention to the clock on the treadmill. At the lapse of each minute increase the elevation by 1.
  3. Continue increasing the elevation every minute for 10 minutes. At this point, you should be at an elevation of 10, and walking should be difficult. You should be breathing hard but able to speak in short sentences.
  4. Walk one minute at 10 elevation, then lower the elevation by 1 for each preceding minute.
  5. Think of it as climbing up a ladder for 10 minutes, then climbing back down for 10 minutes. On the last minute, you should be walking at a 0 elevation.
  6. This workout takes 20 minutes. To double the workout, switch levels every two minutes instead of one, making this a 40 minute workout.
  7. For those who have a high level of fitness, start off at a 5 elevation and walk up to 15 and then back down to 5

Speed Demon (20 mins)

During the sprinting section, you should be running just below your maximum ability. Remember, you can always lower the intensity by slowing the speed or cutting the times in half.

Everyone starts somewhere, so if you are not able to run for a minute and a half, start out running for 30 seconds and build from there.

This workout constantly switches up the intensity level of the exercise, keeping you on your toes (literally) and also training your cardiovascular system to recover quickly.

This treadmill workout strengthens your cardiovascular system, engages fast twitch muscles and enhances stamina, will helping you lose weight.

  1. Sprint for 1 min 30 secs: This is a high intensity run. You should be breathing hard after the time is up.
  2. Medium jog for 1 min 30 secs: Concentrate on finding a steady pace and slowing your breath. This pace should be challenging but not overly-demanding.
  3. Slow walk for 1 min: Allow your body to recover in this time. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and try to lower your heart rate.
  4. For a 20 minute workout, repeat this circuit 5 times.
  5. For a 40 minute workout, repeat this circuit 10 times

Steaming Stamina

This is a simple-yet-effective workout that will build long term endurance while still maintaining a fresh and interesting routine with constant speed changeups.

The circuit method of training is highly effective, because it breaks a long workout into manageable chunks.

This workout strengthens all the major leg muscles, increases metabolic burn and will definitely start tackling that belly fat.

  1. Medium jog for 3 minutes: Find a pace that is just above the threshold of your comfort zone. You should be able to maintain this pace for the full 3 minutes, although with some difficulty.
  2. Sprint for 1 minute: This is a high intensity run that pushes the limits of your stamina. Give it all you’ve got!
  3. Walk for 1 minute. Low intensity pace: Use this time to recover. Breathe deeply and try to lower your heart rate.
  4. For a 20 minute workout, repeat this circuit 4 times.
  5. For a 40 minute workout, repeat this circuit 8 times.

Create Your Own Treadmill Workout Routine
for Weight Loss

Once you get the hang of these workouts, you will be able to start designing fun treadmill romps of your own.
Not only can you and your treadmill call a truce, you may even develop a strong belly fat-burning friendship.

If at any time during a workout you feel dizzy, have trouble breathing or begin feeling chest pains, immediately stop exercising and call for help.