Stairmaster vs.Treadmill

Both the StairMaster (a popular brand of stair stepping machine) and the treadmill can help individuals improve their fitness and lose stubborn belly fat. Which machine burns belly fat better? The answer depends on a few different factors..

The StairMaster and treadmill have a lot in common. Both machines are commonly found at the gym and can provide users with a good cardiovascular workout that as helps tone the muscles of the lower body. There are, however, many differences.


The Treadmill allow users to walk, job or run. They can be adjusted for both speed and incline. Walking on a treadmill incline is similar to using a StairMaster.

Certain individuals may be better suited for a treadmill workout. For instance, those who are severely overweight or who are starting out at a very low fitness threshold may have difficulty with the more strenuous climbing motion of the StairMaster. These individuals should begin training on a treadmill at a very easy walk.


The StairMaster, and similar stair stepper machines, recreate the motion of climbing stairs. Users will quickly feel their thighs and butt burning from the effort. The StairMaster is a great machine to tone the lower muscles of the body, but the exercise can be strenuous and have a high perception of exertion (as opposed to an elliptical trainer, which has a lower level of perceived exertion).

The StairMaster is a good option for individuals with joint pain. Running on a treadmill puts a lot of stress on knees, hips and ankles. The StairMaster requires a much lighter step, which could be more comfortable for older individuals.

Belly Fat

When it comes to which machine burns belly fat better, the answer depends on how the machine is used. For example, a study from the Mayo clinic found that a 160-lb individual will burn 657 calories in one hour on a StairMaster. This same individual would burn only 277 calories walking on a treadmill at a 3.5 mile pace for the same amount of time. Increase that treadmill pace to 5 mph, however, and the calories burned increases to 584 in an hour of effort.

You can see that by adjusting the speed of the machine, you might be able to burn more calories on the treadmill than the StairMaster or vice versa. So, when considering whether to use a treadmill or StairMaster to burn belly fat, it is more important to use the machine you feel most comfortable with. This will help you stick to your fitness routine, which will, in the long run, result in more calories burned and more belly fat lost.

There’s also no reason not to use both the treadmill and StairMaster on different days. In fact, using different machines is a great way to cross train your body to improve overall fitness and prevent plateaus.