Cycling To Lose Belly Fat

If you’ve got a lot of mid-section weight, cycling could be the answer. Cycling is a great exercise for beginners, older adults and those who have joint pain or who are substantially overweight. It is a non-impact activity, meaning your body won’t take too much of a beating. The motion is also rather simple and provides a great workout to the large muscles of the lower body and also improves cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

Indoor Stationary Bikes

Almost every gym includes at least one stationary bike. Stationary bikes might be a good option for those who live in cold weather or urban environments. Stationary bikes also have the benefit of including an onboard computer that can count calories, miles and time spent biking.

If you are just getting started exercising, try to bike for just fifteen minutes at a time. Don’t worry about speed or distance. Your goal is just to keep your body moving. You may want to bring reading materials with you or a music player to help keep you entertained. Some gyms also set up TVs in front of bikes, allowing you to catch up on your shows.

After you have been biking consistently for a while (3 -5 times per week), try to pedal a little faster for longer. As you cover more distance and push your body, you’ll burn more calories and, ultimately, lose belly fat faster.

Outdoor Biking

For those looking for a little more excitement than a stationary bike has to offer, try biking outdoors. If the weather is nice, find a local flat trail near you and enjoy the sunshine. Biking is also a great activity to do with your friends and family and the perfect way to get your kids outside and active.

This should go without saying, but you should always wear a helmet when biking outdoors. Be careful when biking on the street with cars. Try and only use roads with dedicated bike lanes and always bike with the direction of traffic, not against it (this makes it much easier for cars to see and avoid hitting you).

If possible, consider biking to work. Sure, you’ll have to get up a little earlier, and you might arrive at your desk a little sweatier than you’d like, but bicycling to and from work is a great way to start off and end the day. Its calories burned while also getting you to a place you have to go anyway.

Spin Classes

Most medium-sized and large gyms offer spin classes, which can be a great way to challenge yourself and keep up your exercise motivation. You won’t have time to get bored. The instructor will crank up some good music and get you pedaling fast.

The point of a spin class is to provide a good interval training workout, which means you’ll be manipulating the resistance on your bike to make pedaling easier and harder. This gives you the feeling of riding up and down hills and will really get your thighs and butt burning.

Burning muscles is good. It means that you are shedding calories and belly fat.

Also, the group environment of the spin class can keep you motivated, as you will be sweating and biking with kindred spirits.